Atlantic City’s Needle Problem, Sewage Leak – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Atlantic City’s Needle Problem
Did you know that Atlantic City’s needle exchange is the biggest in New Jersey? The program, operated by the South Jersey Aids Alliance from a site on Tennessee Avenue, is also the oldest in the state but it has come under fire as business owners in the tourism district complain about used needles in the area. We dug into some possible solutions to the city’s needle-disposal problem by looking at how other places have managed their needle exchanges. One of the biggest problems is the sheer scale of Atlantic City’s exchange. Last year more than 375,000 needles were handed out and only about half were returned. The South Jersey Aids Alliance is one of the biggest HIV Prevention organizations in the nation, in terms of the funding it receives from the federal government. CEO Carol Harney told us the organization plans to make needle recovery a priority. Read more via Route 40.

A Painted Lady butterfly, captured on camera in Cape May by Darleen Adamo (@darleenstamps on Instagram).

Sewage Leak
The Atlantic County Utilities Authority is working around the clock to repair a leaking sewage main on the west side of Bader Field. As a precaution, the NJDEP recommends suspending shellfish harvesting in the waterways of Risley Channel, Dock Thorofare, Whirlpool Channel, Shelter Island Bay and Lakes Bay North of the Margate Bridge. So far, water samples tested for elevated bacteria levels have come back within a normal range. You can follow updates via the ACUA site here.

In the rest of the day’s news, Wawa disputes a man’s claim he found maggots in a sandwich, parts of the Atlantic Club porte cochere have collapsed, a second horse in South Jersey has contracted a serious mosquito-borne disease,  shots were fired at a Hamilton Township complex just a day after a fatal shooting, read about Haddonfield’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and Maria is brushing past. All that and more below:

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