October 12, 2016

Atlantic County Needs More Family Activities – Dr Miller

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Atlantic City and the surrounding area needs more places and activities for families, according to chiropractor Dr Thomas Miller.

The local economy surrounding the resort town has been more stable since casinos brought year-round jobs, but cinemas, bowling alleys and other places for family entertainment disappeared when the casinos arrived, Dr Miller told us in a wide-ranging interview that is part of our series of local business profiles.

“If they had places like they did years ago where people could go to a movie, it would be nice,” said Dr Miller, noting that in the summer many potential visitors drive by Atlantic City to stop in Ocean City or Wildwood. “There’s nothing here for people to do,” if they don’t want to gamble, he said.

Pleasantville, which has seen its reputation marred by poverty and crime in recent years, is a good spot for business, according to Dr Miller, who has owned his own practice and office in Pleasantville for more than a decade. “I love Pleasantville because it’s like the hub of the county,” he said, explaining that so many people in Atlantic County go through Pleasantville to get to and from Atlantic City, or the northern and southern ends of the county.

“This place has such great potential. We just have to get it back.”

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