Barnegat Bay, Ballot Tampering, Fighting Gun Crime in Bridgeton – Thursday’s Roundup

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Barnegat Bay
Gov. Chris Christie yesterday placed parts of Barnegat Bay on a “pollution diet” that will curb runoff flush into the bay. He also announced a $20 million recovery plan to help restore aquatic habitats and upgrade outfalls, among other things. Critics said the plan doesn’t go far enough and noted that Christie conditionally vetoed a similar bill six years ago. Read more via NJSpotlight.

Ballot Tampering
It’s not as sexy as Russian hackers, but a white van shuttling back and forth from Atlantic City to Atlantic County Courthouse has for years been the physical manifestation of a well-oiled ‘Get out the vote’ program for Atlantic City’s Democrats. The Inquirer’s Amy Rosenberg takes a look at Democratic operative David Callaway’s tactics as she reports that the state attorney general’s office is investigating a complaint about a pre-filled mail-in ballot for Atlantic City and gubernatorial Democratic candidates.

Oyster Creek, by Chelsea Errichetti (@chelbythesea6 on Instagram)

Fighting Gun Crime in Bridgeton
NewsWorks’ Joe Hernandez reports on rising gun crime in Bridgeton: “Local officials say fighting the problem has been like playing a game of whack-a-mole. They would send police resources to stamp out crime in one “hot spot” just as another would pop up across town. “Bad guys move,” said Mayor Albert Kelly.” Hernandez reports that Bridgeton this week rolled out a box truck that will function as a mobile police substation, giving police access to technology and other tools that they need closer to crime scenes. Read more here. 

In the rest of the day’s news, New Jersey’s public employees’ pension fund returned more than 13 percent in the last fiscal year (but it’s still underfunded), an Ocean City sign language teacher is New Jersey’s Educator of the Year, a New York-based investor group is still interested in buying the Revel, Atlantic City’s Flagship features in this first-hand reporting on the timeshare sales process, a Cape May zoo snow leopard cub has died, and remember the Atlantic County freeholder who sent around the meme asking when the Women’s March marchers would be back to make dinner? Freeholder John Carman also wears a patch with the confederate flag on it – though he told the Press he will “probably” take that off. All that and more below:

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