Beach Spreading, Foreclosures, Atlantic City Crust – Thursday’s Roundup

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Beach Spreading
We’ve all been on the beach next to the group that just – you know – keeps spreading. Chairs, towels. Maybe tents, and even tables have been witnessed. Amy Rosenberg covers the phenomenon of beach spreading in Sea Isle, where she encountered “a stretch of beach dotted with 6-by-6 portable cabanas, 10 by 10 canopies, half-moon baby tents, folding end-tables, a 12-by-12 canopy, wading pools, rafts the size of a twin bed and other elements of these elaborate compounds.” Read the full piece for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The foreclosure rate in the Atlantic City area has slowed but is still the highest in the nation. And it’s not just AC that’s still struggling around here. Foreclosure rates in the Trenton and Philadelphia metro areas also remain high in spite of some recent improvement. And New Jersey has the highest foreclosure rate of any state in the United States. Sorry to bring the gloom – here’s the full RealtyTrac report.

Looking over the bay from Margate, via @monicanask on Instagram.

Atlantic City Crust
“Maybe if people see what’s going on to our f*cking beautiful home, they’ll want to do something about it,” says Erik Klemetti, at the start of an Atlantic City documentary he and friends from the @AtlanticCityCrust Instagram feed have put together. It’s a 40-minute mashup of videos Klemetti and the Crust crew filmed in Atlantic City, including interviews with all of your favorite AC characters. And in amid the chaos and confusion there are some wise words spoken about the Queen of Resorts.

We’ve written about Klemetti before. Earlier this year, he set up a GoFundMe page to help out Alex, who was sleeping rough behind an Atlantic City gas station for more than a decade. Lynda Cohen of BreakingAC also wrote about Klemetti and the Atlantic City Crust when they wound up capturing on film the aftermath of a shooting at Tropicana earlier this year. The loose-knit group, armed with phone cameras, have been capturing one of Atlantic City’s many realities for a while now. As one interviewee in the documentary says, “AC Crust is the real deal. It captures what’s really going on in Atlantic City.” And yes, it’s just one slice of the city, one sampling of interviews. But it really is an authentic slice. Here’s the full documentary.

In the rest of the day’s headlines, a Margate firefighter and a former Margate firefighter (Ashton Funk, of Wawa shoplifting infamy) were among those arrested yesterday as part the state’s uncovering of an Egg Harbor Township-based Oxycodone ring, a Brigantine resident is leading in the final nine of the World Series of Poker, greasy pizza boxes can’t be recycled (in Philly or Atlantic County), there is a $5,000 reward for information related to the killing of three Boardwalk cats in March, CRDA is spending $7 million to bring more events to Atlantic City, Dan Skeldon says it’s going to stay hot and humid with no signs of the heat wave breaking in spite of thunderstorm chances, and read this feature on the Atlantic City collection at the New Jersey Maritime Museum. All that and more below:

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