Better Internet, Snow, Maybe – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Better Internet, Maybe

Consumers in Atlantic and Cumberland county have finally found a government agency to listen to their complaints about poor internet and phone service – NJSpotlight reports that the president of the Board of Public Utilities will hear comments about Verizon’s service in the area. Verizon separately has promised to boost its high-speed internet and phone service through fiber-optic networks in Estell Manor and Weymouth, so hopefully the regulator will also check to make sure the phone giant follows through on that commitment.

Snow Later This Week?

Local weather guru Dan Skeldon says it’s going to continue to be a revolting rainy day today, and then there might – just maybe – be a chance of snow later in the week, according to his Press of Atlantic City forecast here. As he puts it, “Two opportunities for snow will follow, but in a fast-moving weather pattern, there’s still too much uncertainty to definitively say whether either will actually result in snowflakes.” So there you go.


Did you get a drone for the holidays? No idea what to do with it? Stockton is offering a course that won’t exactly help you fly the thing, but will discuss Fourth Amendment concerns and other parts of the law as it relates to drone use. Newsworks has the details.

The rest of today’s local headlines include news on the arrest of the guy sought for the murder of his estranged wife and a look forward to the governor’s race.




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