November 30, 2016

Casino Control, Suspended Students & Lawful Liquor – Wednesday’s Roundup

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The latest chapter in the sorry tale of the casino formerly known as the Revel involves its current owner, Glenn Straub, suing the Casino Control Commission for holding up his plans to “make Atlantic City great again” (and yes, his lawyer really said that.) Last time we checked, TEN (as it’s hard to remember it’s now called), had the go-ahead to open next year as a hotel, but the current issue is whether or not Straub will be able to let someone else operate a casino in the property.

Maybe Straub is just in the wrong business. Little Water Distillery, which has been joking about racing Revel to open, is pretty much there.

The distillery is Atlantic City’s first-ever lawful producer of spirits and now has the necessary federal, state and city permissions to open its doors – we took a look last week and got to meet the owners. You can read the story here and watch the videos here to see how the place is coming together.

Changing tack completely, local social media is abuzz on all sides of the generational divide over 10-day suspensions handed down to students apparently involved in making a YouTube video with dramatic music and black-and-white footage of Egg Harbor Township high school students fake (?) fighting and other high-school-student kind of behavior. You can watch it for yourself here and make your own mind up about whether to be outraged by the video or the suspensions. Or maybe just skip the outrage and choose to feel good about your day – hey, there’s a new business opening in Atlantic City and it’s going to sell delicious booze!

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