City Living, Pinelands Parties and the Atlantic Club’s Future – Friday’s Roundup

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City Living
Would you like to live blocks from the ocean, with bay or Atlantic views, in an affordable but beautifully-renovated apartment? What if it were in Atlantic City? The Iron Room’s Mark Callazzo is betting that some people who work in the city – but live offshore or downbeach – might be enticed back to the city, if there were a decent housing choice for them. We took an exclusive tour around his new apartment building at 1 N. Boston Ave and interviewed him about his outlook on Atlantic City. You can watch the video and read the piece here.

Grand Ol’ Opry
On the other side of South Jersey, the Pinelands Cultural Society is gearing up for a special concert to mark the 20th anniversary of Waretown’s legendary Albert Music Hall on Jan. 7 and those that rebuilt it. You can read more about the amazing venue and its history at here.

Atlantic Club
The Press of Atlantic City takes a look at the possible future of the former Atlantic Club casino at the southern end of the boardwalk. The owners haven’t said much beyond that the property is up for sale, so the article is mostly just academic speculation on how the place could be reused (part casino, part condos seems like the general verdict).

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The rest of the day’s headlines include some crime news from Camden, a housing issue in Medford, an Atlantic County freeholder choosing not to run for re-election and Gov. Christie’s latest comments on newspapers. You can see the details below:

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