February 14, 2017

Comparing Rowan and Stockton Universities

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Two of South Jersey’s universities are in expansion mode and we thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast their vital statistics, side by side, using data from the state budget. You can see that enrollment is up at both universities (so are fees) and state-funded positions are also up at Rowan University. It will be interesting to see whether the chatter around Rowan’s plans to expand in Atlantic City comes to anything, since Stockton University is rolling out ever-bigger plans for the city. On the one hand, expansion could bring more jobs and investment to the area, but on the other hand these institutions don’t pay property taxes.

Since we wrote about Stockton’s plans to further expand in Atlantic City, we’ve also heard more people questioning the university’s debt load and its tuition costs, so we looked at the numbers. The amount of state support that Rowan receives is much greater – my guess is that this is tied to Rowan’s medical programs, but it’s not clear. And Stockton is slightly more expensive than Rowan, by these measures.

The data are really pretty fascinating – want to see which university has the highest SAT scores? It’s all here. We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts – you can get in touch with us here.

Rowan Actual FY 2015Rowan Revised FY 2016Rowan Estimate FY 2017Stockton Actual FY 2015Stockton Revised FY 2016Stockton Estimate FY 2017
Enrollment total16,05117,05217,1348,3408,4928,492
Enrollment total (weighted) (a)12,82213,63113,7137,9047,9617,961
Undergraduate total 12,46813,19613,1967,5297,6817,681
Undergraduate total (weighted) (a)11,05811,70811,7087,3807,4377,437
Full- time 10,40110,99610,9966,9747,1137,113
Full- time (weighted) (a)10,40110,99610,9967,1377,1897,189
Part- time2,0672,2002,200555566566
Part- time (weighted) (a)657712712243248248
Graduate total (b)2,7532,9502,950720720720
Graduate total (weighted) (a) 9341,0171,017427427427
Cooper Medical School total 182262312000
Cooper Medical School (weighted)182262312000
School of Osteopathic Medicine total648644676000
School of Osteopathic Medicine (weighted)648644676000
Full- time000242242242
Full- time (weighted) (a) 000255255255
Part- time000478478478
Part- time (weighted) (a)000172172172
Doctoral total000919191
Doctoral total (weighted) (a) 000979797
Full- time000626262
Full- time (weighted) (a) 000909090
Part- time000292929
Part- time (weighted) (a) 000777
Degree programs offered157157157474747
Courses offered2,3172,3172,3173,1573,1573,157
Degrees granted
Ratio: student/faculty (c) 14/114/114/117/117/117/1
Extension and Public Service
Enrollment (weighted) (a)6526696691,9911,9921,992
Summer undergraduate 3,2943,4003,4001,8501,8501,850
Summer undergraduate (weighted) (a) 397416416161316131613
Summer graduate 1,8711,8701,870479479479
Summer graduate (weighted) (a) 255253253378379379
Program revenue$8,953,556$9,174,026$9,174,026$3,986,327$3,700,000$3,700,000
Full-Time, First-Time Freshmen (regular admission students)1,049887- - -8911,020- - -
Average SAT Score - Math 618619- - -565553- - -
Average SAT Score - Reading (d)579590- - -544534- - -
Average SAT Score - Writing (d)562570- - -538524- - -
Average SAT Score - Total (d)17591779- - -16471611- - -
Outcomes data (e)
Third- Semester Retention Rates 0.87- - -- - -0.86- - -- - -
Six-Year Graduation Rates0.667- - -- - -0.727- - -- - -
Student tuition and fees
Total cost of attendance (f)$27,722$28,210- - -$29,935$30,409- - -
Full- time undergraduate tuition (state residents)$9,076$9,256- - -$8,107$8,269- - -
Full- time undergraduate tuition (non- state residents) $17,030$17,370- - -$14,628$14,921- - -
Full- time undergraduate fees $3,540$3,608- - -$4,468$4,551- - -
Institutional Support
Institutional expenditures
Instruction$145,018,633$149,000,000- - -$65,342,681$65,177,163- - -
Sponsored programs $6,940,053$7,500,000- - -$1,282,436$1,308,085- - -
Public service$8,713,882$8,800,000- - -$6,599,118$6,660,988- - -
Academic support$34,120,831$34,500,000- - -$10,065,163$9,425,111- - -
Student services $27,339,208$27,500,000- - -$14,820,446$14,485,837- - -
Institutional support $72,574,062$74,000,000- - -$27,481,338$36,394,140- - -
Physical plant and support services $31,040,887$31,500,000- - -$19,726,823$18,859,327- - -
State- funded positions163717541754764764764

Notes to budget items:

(a) Equated on the basis of 32 credit hours per undergraduate student and 24 credit hours per graduate student.

(b) Calculated on the basis of authorized teaching positions (including adjunct faculty) and equated full–time (weighted) students.

(c) SAT data has been updated to reflect current format of the SAT examination.

(d) As calculated by the Student Unit Record Enrollment (SURE) system.

(e) As reported to the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority. Includes tuition, fees, room and board, transportation and supplies.

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