Dumping (Rain, Outrage Opportunities) – Monday’s Roundup

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This weekend’s rare July nor’easter dumped loads of rain across South Jersey, and in one Absecon Island town, it also dumped an opportunity for civic outrage.
A crowd of about 60 people (the Press of Atlantic City reports) collected on the beach at Delavan Avenue Sunday to demand public officials “Fix our beach!” after stormwater runoff, blocked by the unpopular and probably vindictive dune project, formed a pop-up swamp on their formerly pristine sands.
Beachgoers now had to wade through “Lake Margate” as it was being called to get to the ocean.
Margate homeowners–many of them–didn’t want the dunes in the first place. Many of them predicted exactly this problem. Now, after the first storm, fears were realized.
Beaches had just been reopened after last week’s bacteria invasion.
On Saturday morning, while the storm was still blowing, kids could be seen sloshing around in the big pool of storm runoff filled with pesticides, pet [waste] and automobile drippings. Etc.
Reflect if you will gentle reader on the political context for this natural disaster: the much-ballyhooed the Nocross-Christie political alliance has been advancing for several years now at least into Atlantic County–formerly the fiefdom of Republican State Senator Bill Gormley–and have been dumping over Gormley’s former constituents all summer. Now they’ve dumped a toxic lake on the beach in his hometown. Coincidence or symbolism?
On the other hand, maybe there’ll be some backlash.

Elsewhere in Christie news, the governor was videotaped at a baseball game “cradling” (the New York Post’s word) what appears to be an order of nachos while confronting a Cubs fan who’d been heckling him. A bearded and confused Brad Joseph later alleged Christie bumped into him and asked if he wanted to “do something” / “start something.”
For a while now, American politics has been a game of provoking the other guy’s base. Most Americans are completely disenfranchised. Getting a reaching out of the right people–whether they be Libtards or Deplorables–is almost the the only thing you need to do to prove to your base that you’re doing your job. Christie is what this game looks like when it winds down to its dismal end–when you figure out that the enemy of your enemy is not your friend and all you have left is a sad man with a 15% approval rating and an order of stadium nachos and no one can figure out how it came to this.

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In the rest of the weekend’s headlines, proposals for Atlantic City’s Bader Field are being sought, have you eaten some Jersey peaches yet this season? Experts say it’s the best crop in years, NJ OKs medical marijuana growing in Secaucus, Margate tried to get out ahead of some of the rumors on the federal fraud investigation into Absecon Island prescription costs by releasing data on its employees’ healthcare, an amazing Asbury Park Press investigation found that although Lakewood has just 2 percent of NJ’s children it receives 14 percent of NJ’s sick child aid, and in an Op-Ed for The Press of Atlantic City, Van Drew is still trying to change Pinelands Commission voting, Local 54 leader Bob McDevitt and others say that the push to expand gaming in New Jersey is continuing behind closed doors. All that and more below:

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