Elections, Mold in School – Tuesday’s Roundup

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‘Tis the season of elections (again), although based on our conversations with people for the Voting Block project, there’s a whole lot of apathy around the governor’s race in particular. Still, there’s a gubernatorial debate tonight and NJSpotlight has prepared everything you ever needed to know about the candidates, plus an interactive map of local races and a searchable campaign finance database. Check it all out here. Oh, and NJSpotlight also has this story about how easily hackable New Jersey’s election machines are.

Photo by Brielle (@brielle_priest on Instagram)

Mold in School
The almost 6,000 students of Monroe Township schools in Gloucester County have nowhere to go for a week after the district took the decision to shut all its schools after detecting mold in Holly Glen Elementary School. At a meeting on Monday night, parents told each other stories of their kids’ respiratory illnesses, and wondered whether mold was the cause. The Monroe Township Education Association and the Association of Education Secretaries said the two organizations had documented a mold problem at Holly Glen for the last five years. There were calls for the superintendent and two of his staff members to resign (a petition is circulating). Read more via The Inquirer.

In the rest of the day’s news, a deal for the Atlantic Club is in the works (it’s just – like last time – waiting for the “hard money”), Burlington County is asking the state to nix a massive zoning plan allowing rural land to be used for warehousing (citing traffic concerns), three Atlantic County residents received $210,000 in a case against Atlantic City Police, Stockton University has acquired a house it was maintaining next to Linwood Country Club (it’ll be used as to house visiting professors and dignitaries) and read this feature on the survival of the Rancocas Nature Center against odds. All that and more below:

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