Expensive Elections, CRDA, Sober Living – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Expensive Elections
The Senate and Assembly primary races are on track to become the most expensive in New Jersey’s history, NJ Spotlight reports. One of the battlegrounds is here in South Jersey: Stephen Sweeney and his running mates have raised $2.4 million, spent $1.4 million and have $970,000 left in the bank. Not bad for a part of the state with above-average unemployment and poverty rates.

What has the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority been up to? The State Auditor’s Office began a probe of CRDA’s finances and performance last year and it is – just about – wrapping up, after a longer-than-expected investigation, Route 40 reports.

Sober Living
New Jersey lawmakers are considering legislation that would make it easier for sober-living houses to get local land-use approval, NJ Spotlight reports. Atlantic County’s Bill Schmincke of Stop The Heroin ta

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lks in the piece about the need for sober-living facilities (which Stop the Heroin operates in our area). The piece looks at how many New Jersey communities realize the extent of the opioid crisis, but have a “not in our backyard” response to planning applications from treatment facilities – and even sober-living homes. We’ve written a little bit about the differing response from South Jersey communities before. When a recent Atlantic City application to open a 26-bed detox clinic came before the city’s zoning board, it was unanimously approved with many board members commenting on how great the need was for such a facility. Meanwhile, our NJ News Commons colleague Matt Skoufalos of NJPen, has documented a battle around turning a green space into a rehabilitation center.

In the rest of the news from the last 24 hours, there’s a push to stop diversions from the state’s clean energy fund, it could get really hot later this week, the Atlantic City Seafood festival is moving to a new venue, and while the Atlantic City council delayed, the state went ahead and privatized its trash collection anyway. All that and more below:

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