FAA Tech Center Budget In Play, Linwood Teacher Case, CRDA Layoffs – Friday’s Roundup

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FAA Tech Center Budget In Play
Thousands of federal employees and contractors at the Tech Center are waiting for budget details that could affect the future of Atlantic County’s great non-gaming employment hope. Amy Rosenberg of The Philadelphia Inquirer writes that Rep. Frank LoBiondo is also keenly aware of potential funding issues coming up at the center, which could also see changes if a Trump plan to privatize air-traffic control comes into effect. Read more on what’s at stake here.

Linwood Teacher Case
Linwood municipal court will hear a case against Kimberly Peschi, 40, a teacher at Bell Haven School, who is accused of kicking a student’s chair out from under him, which caused him to hit his head on the ground. There were witnesses to the incident, which was also captured on the school’s camera system, Lynda Cohen of Breaking AC reports here, adding that the parents and Board of Education members have all seen the video.

CRDA Layoffs
The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, locally infamous for its splashy spending on ill-fated projects (laser lighthouse, uber alles?), has cut 15 percent of its workforce, Nick Huba reports for The Press of Atlantic City. No word yet on whose job has been cut – but it is notable that the cuts are to the workforce, not the payroll. CRDA’s payroll was $5.7 million in 2015 but, like many state agencies, almost half the staff earn less than $40,000 (according to a 2016 OPRA request for payroll data). Some are employed as seasonal staff without benefits.

We published a new op-ed last night by Geoff Rosenberger, who gives his thoughts on moving into Atlantic City and how the city could make itself more welcoming. Read here.

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The rest of the day’s news includes proposed budget cuts that would reduce legal aid, details on the upcoming Atlantic County Republican convention, and Millville Police saysa crowd of 100 teenagers threw food at officers. All that and more below:

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