Here’s How to get Discounted Greyhound Tickets – For Now

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It is still possible to buy discounted tickets to Atlantic City from the Port Authority bus terminal in New York. But you have to know where to look.

Greyhound ended its discounted first-come, first-served policy for the Atlantic City-New York route on April 1. Now tourists and commuters using Greyhound buses have to buy tickets for specific departure times and dates, and the minimum cost of a round trip between the Port Authority and the Atlantic City bus terminal is $26.

It is, however, still possible to get a discounted ticket if you select a specific casino to travel to and from. For example, you could purchase a $22 roundtrip ticket between Bally’s and the Port Authority. Or a $15 one-way from Port Authority to Resorts.

Our tip for commuters from Atlantic City continues to be traveling to New York on the NJTransit’s 319 bus (departures at 4.15 am and 6 am every weekday morning) and returning with a one-way ticket on Greyhound, booked online and to a specific casino. You can no longer search easily for the next casino-destined departure, however, so you have to plug into the website the name of each casino that still offers a bus service (Bally’s, Caesars, Harrah’s, Resorts and Tropicana).

Fees to change tickets will be waived through June 3, Greyhound said. In a statement, the company added that the change was made to ensure a “confident travel experience for all our customers” as well as to make its booking process consistent with other routes.

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