Lawsuits, Underground Railroad – Friday’s Roundup

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Many predicted that efforts to solve Atlantic City’s financial crisis would ultimately go to the courts and we seem to be entering that phase. On Thursday, Atlantic County Superior Court Judge Julio Mendez moved to block the state from taking unilateral action that would have cut 100 firefighters from the city and made other changes to the remaining workers’ union contract. The case has now been moved to federal court, which will probably increase the costs considerably. The Press of Atlantic City has all the details. So far, the only people winning from the takeover are the lawyers and accountants.

Underground Railroad
Here’s your South Jersey factoid of the week: Did you know the Underground railroad in South Jersey was literally underground? The story is similar to the fictional railroad featured in Colson Whitehead’s recent book – there was a network of tunnels beneath the state’s oldest pharmacy, Wheatley’s Pharmacy (now Burlington Pharmacy) in Burlington City. A new museum is opening in Smithville Park, Easthampton, with artefacts from the site. All the details here via

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The rest of the day’s news includes a forecast for colder weather this weekend, an update on Little Water Distillery (yay!), a Sweeney reversal on group homes and LoBiondo weighs in on summer flounder limits. All that and more below:

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