Local Campaign Finance, Beach-Tag Vending Machines – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Local Campaign Finance
The Atlantic City fight for mail-in ballots turned out to be the make-or-break in yesterday’s mayoral primary. Council President Marty Small won at the polls, but lost to Frank Gilliam when the mail-in ballots were counted, the Press of Atlantic City’s John DeRosier reported. That difference comes down to money and out-of-town contacts. Gilliam had raised a whopping $87,105 ahead of the election, according to his most recent campaign finance filing. More than double the $36,673 Small raised over the same period. And that was just for the primary. Stay tuned to Route 40’s Watchdog section, we’ll be analyzing the campaign finance filings as they come in for all the South Jersey races in November.

View from inside the Futuro House in Infrared via @timmcglynn in Greenwich, New Jersey.

In other election news, Democrats Vince Mazzeo and John Armato won the two spots to represent the Democratic Party in the race for the state Assembly in the 2nd District this November and Eric Scheffler got the Dems nomination to run for Atlantic County Sheriff. The Press has more details of Cape May and other South Jersey elections here.

Stay Fancy, Longport
Longport just installed a beach-tag vending machine. It currently takes only exact change and the price will be going up to a massive $30 on June 17, but hey – it couldn’t be more convenient. It’s available 24/7 (in the foyer of the Borough’s police department). We have the details on Route 40.

In the rest of the day’s news, Mary Lee the shark is still in the neighborhood (off Ocean City this morning), here’s a update on the Black Horse Pike construction projects, President Trump’s pick for FBI director is Christopher Wray, who was Christie’s attorney for the George Washington Bridge lane-closure trial, and read about a Linwood effort to fight drug abuse. All that and more below.


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