Margate Dune Work: Scheduled All Summer!

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Work to fill Margate’s beaches and build dunes will begin just before Memorial Day and run through Labor Day, according to a document published on Margate City’s website here.

The city and some Margate homeowners went to court to try and prevent the dunes, but a judge in February ruled the project could go ahead.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers last year awarded a contract worth up to $76.1 million to Weeks Marine Inc to repair dunes in Atlantic City and Ventnor and to finish building dunes in Margate and Longport.

The Army Corps of Engineers and Weeks Marine will “make efforts to accommodate” Margate’s July 4th fireworks, the city document says. The city will also discuss moving its beach patrol building in front of dunes when the project is complete, the document says.

The beachfill operations in Margate will begin June 23 and run through August 31, based on an initial schedule from Weeks Marine. Pipeline set-up will begin June 15 and equipment will be demobilized the week of Sept. 1 through 7. (Memorial Day is May 29, Labor Day is Sept. 4)

“More than 3.8 million cubic yards of sand will be dredged from approved borrow areas and pumped through a series of pipes onto the beaches of the four municipalities,” to complete the repair and construction of dunes along Absecon Island, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ press release.

One thought on “Margate Dune Work: Scheduled All Summer!

  1. Margate is being punished by Gov. “Roadcone” for resisting his bullying. Let’s always remember Margate’s voters rejected this Project in a 2013 referendum by a 2/3rd Majority. The State under Herr Christie decided democracy in this case wasn’t to be tolerated. He only likes democracy when it suits him and when he wins. Not so much otherwise as we’ve seen over and over with him these last 7 yrs. This project is just another example of how he’s LOL come to save us. Reagan was right to paraphrase his famous quote, when a conservative is running the Gov’t and he says he’s here to save you run in the other direction fast! In 2010 Gov.” Here to save AC ” came vowing to rescue us, look at the results 7 yrs. later! Now it’s Margate’s turn to be LOL saved. The real question here is who is going to save us from Gov. Christie?