Margate Scene, There’s a Budget, Utility Trench Warfare – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Margate Scene
We all know that Margate is a scene and certain politicos have long-been drawn to the fancier parts of Absecon Island. But Amy Rosenberg has some neat gossipy details about where exactly they like to eat these days and the reveal that deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was at Johnny’s this past weekend.

There’s a Budget
Overnight on July 3, lawmakers rolled into Trenton to vote on the budget and lo!

The South Inlet, 35mm style via @deepinthoughtske on Instagram

There was an end to the government shutdown and it was a beautiful thing. Now we’ve been through this twice in 11 years, there are some new suggestions on how to make it less of a bummer next time it happens. State Sen. Nicholas Scutari has proposed state parks and beaches be allowed to stay open for seven days after a shutdown goes into effect (like the casinos), and Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo proposed on Friday that the casinos should be able to stay open indefinitely in the event of a shutdown. Hopefully it will be a long while before any of this is tested again. And if you want some thoughts on what this was all about, in the end, read this column by Charles Stile.

Utility Trench Warfare
Here’s a great piece via The Inquirer about why you’re seeing so many road works for utility improvements at the moment (mostly around Philadelphia, though there are Federal requirements to upgrade pipelines that is prompting work in South Jersey too). And there’s a squeeze in demand for utility contractors, which is increasing the cost of the work.

For those of you interested in housing issues and in or near AC today, the city’s housing authority is holding a meeting today at 4 pm to discuss the future of Stanley Holmes Village – details here.

In the rest of the day’s news, read about ‘Camp No Worries’ for children with cancer and their siblings in the Pine Barrens, New Jersey got an extension for its efforts to help you continue to get on a US-bound airplane with just your driving license, here’s a long read from The Record about the Pine Barrens, and maybe Phil Murphy isn’t such a big spender (comparatively). All that and more below:

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