May 12, 2017

Meet Omar

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Omar points to the Flagship resort.

“Hey!” he says.

“Come and take a picture of me!”

He is waving a gold microphone from his seat behind the wheel of a hospitality van. He’s stopped at a traffic light on Pacific Ave behind the looming Revel.

“I’m Omar the great,” he says, reaching for a business card.

If you stay at the Fantasea Flagship resort in Atlantic City’s inlet neighborhood, Omar can drive you around. “I also do comedy on here,” he says, brandishing the mic again and handing over his card.

“Have a great day. Don’t let it go away.”

2 thoughts on “Meet Omar

  1. Omar the Great is the best thing that ever happened to Atlantic City! I sure hope his job rewards him on being so proactive. Many employers don’t give enough incentive to outstanding employees who deserve it.
    Not many people go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to their employment. Omar is cut from his own cloth, and success is just around the corner. You will be seeing much more of OTG in the near future!

    Remember you read it first here on “Meet Omar”..