Nucky Would Be Proud, Voter Turnout, CHIP – Monday’s Roundup

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Nucky Would Be Proud
If you read one review of the Atlantic City and County election campaign shenanigans this season, make it this one by The Inquirer’s Amy Rosenberg: Why Atlantic City-area elections this year would make Nucky Johnson Proud. (Separately, we’re following up our weekend look at financial contributions to the NJ 2nd district’s campaigns with a look at expenditures and in-kind contributions. Stay tuned.)

Photo from Mays Landing by Tim McGlynn – find more of his photos on his site and @timmcglynn on Instagram.

Voter Turnout
Patrick Murray, who runs the Monmouth University Polling Institute, told WNYC he is expecting record low turnout across New Jersey tomorrow. That jives with what we heard at our Voting Block events, that South Jersey residents feel the gubernatorial campaigns haven’t really connected around here. Most people that we talked to about the race expressed apathy.

CHIP (and Community Clinics)
A plan to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and community clinics was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday and will now go to the Senate.  Rep. Frank LoBiondo supported the bill, which would provide health insurance to some 112,000 kids in New Jersey (including our two, so we care about the outcome of this…) and community clinics that provide low-cost care around the state and elsewhere. The problem, as NJSpotlight reports, is that the plan proposes funding the programs with money taken from cuts to the Affordable Care Act and it is not backed by the Democrats. It is not clear whether it will pass the Senate. Without the federal funding, New Jersey only has enough funds to pay for CHIP through the spring.

In the rest of the headlines from the weekend and this morning, check out the NJSpotlight election site for profiles and data on all the candidates, the South Jersey Transportation Authority is putting up bat houses along the Expressway to help area bats (there’s a joke here but it’s eluding me), Friday’s Pinelands Commission meeting was strangely quiet, and winery dogs are now a thing in New Jersey. All that and more below:

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