November 2, 2016

Picturing Life Before Gambling and The State Strikes Back – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Remember the days when Atlantic City didn’t have casinos? Only one of us was born at that point but it’s amazing to look back at these old pictures, via Newsworks, and listen to their piece discussing what’s happened to this crazy town. So many promises were made, so few fulfilled. And there are so many vacant lots! It’s been 40 years (or more) of constant redevelopment. Apparently, this is not just a New Jersey issue, but it definitely feels like South Jersey is in the eye of the public-private development storm.

In other news, the state is now deciding whether or not to take over the government of Atlantic City, after yesterday issuing a 45-page-report that pretty much shredded the recovery plan pitched by Mayor Don Guardian and his team of advisors. Just as everyone was finally starting to think that Christie would maybe, maybe, go gently into that good night and leave Atlantic City alone to fix its problems. It’s hard to understand how a state agency that’s been supervising the city since 2010 will now be able to turn things around by running the place directly, so it looks like we’ll be headed for a legal fight. The Mayor and City Council members are holding a press conference at City Hall at 1pm today.

And while we’re on the topic of lawsuits, check out our prescient story from yesterday about more litigation brewing over the city’s tax schemes.

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