May 17, 2017

Postcards From The Other Ventnor

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I grew up not far from the original Ventnor. It’s also on an island.

Unlike Absecon Island, the Isle of Wight has gravely beaches and cliffs and winding roads. The weather isn’t reliable. It’s a 22-minute catamaran ride to Portsmouth on the mainland. It was the punchline to a lot of jokes where I lived. (The jokes were mostly distasteful and on the topic of inbreeding. The English love a good island-people joke).

I’m not entirely sure I ever went to Ventnor (UK) when I visited the Isle of Wight. I know I went to Carisbrooke Castle (I’ve wondered how the Carisbrooke Inn is connected). My family thinks it’s hilarious that I live in Ventnor, New Jersey, now. I was sent a plate featuring the Isle of Wight for Christmas.

My dad took a trip to the island last week and I asked him to send me some pictures, which he’s letting me share. (He’s been taking pictures since before I was born – you can see more by my dad here). Enjoy, y’all.

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