Rehab Battles, Dunes Go To Court and Atlantic County Taxpayers Get Squeezed – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Route 40 yesterday wrote about Atlantic County’s spending on drug and alcohol rehab services – half-way houses will get more money next year, but there will be less spent on counseling for outpatients. Read the story here. On a similar topic but over in Cherry Hill, NJPen’s Matt Skoufalos takes at what happened when a private company wanted to build a rehab center in local residents’ backyards. You can read that story here and check out NJPen for the rest of Skoufalos’ reporting on all sides of the Cherry Hill rehab center debate.

The Inquirer’s Amy Rosenberg is following the battle over the Margate dunes from a court in Camden, where yesterday a civil engineer testified about the potential unsightly and dangerous side effects that dunes would bring to the beach. The engineer said storm water would accumulate along the stretch of dunes and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes, among other possible problems. The judge didn’t seem swayed, apparently. Read the story here. You can follow Amy Rosenberg on Twitter here.

Debt ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service says Atlantic County is not in such a bad financial condition, after all, since Atlantic City’s share of the county’s tax base has shrunk and the county has been making more money from taxpayers outside of the city (as all of you living offshore know only too well…) It’s a private report, but we have a copy, so you can get in touch with us if you’d like to know more or you could read this very brief review from Reuters.

Meanwhile, Atlantic City’s fortunes have deteriorated sharply in the last few years, to the extent that more than a third in the city now live in poverty, up from 23 percent before the recession. NJ.Com’s Stephen Stirling has the details here.

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The rest of today’s headlines include news on drones in Cape May, the chances of a white Christmas and some holiday-themed crime. See what we’ve been reading here:

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