South Jersey Storm Surges and Which Towns Flipped to Trump – Friday’s Roundup

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We know the northern end of the state fared worse during Superstorm Sandy than the southern end – but the U.S. Geological Survey and FEMA have a new report out that looks specifically at how storm tides caused flooding during Sandy. It’s complicated and wonkish but the bottom line seems to be that South Jersey’s future flood risks may be underestimated right now, since Sandy down here did not cause storm surges that would have been classified as having a one-in-100 years chance of happening. That one-in-100 chance is the federal flood insurance program’s latest “base flood”. NJ Spotlight has the details on the report.

It’s been over a week but polling results are still trickling in. has a great map looking at which New Jersey towns flipped from Obama to Trump – check out Northfield, Absecon and Somers Point around here. Plus, NJ Spotlight has a neat piece looking at how turnout may actually have been higher in New Jersey this year – although the 2012 voter turnout was of course affected by Superstorm Sandy.

Governor Chris Christie came to Atlantic City yesterday and didn’t talk about the state’s takeover. He also didn’t give away much of anything about his plans, although he committed to serving out his term.

The rest of what we’re reading today includes news on more funding for rehab beds, a look at whether New Jersey’s addiction prevention programs could actually be a national model and some Friday fun: What kind of New Jersey accent do you have? Links below.

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