Stockton Coffee, Online Gaming, Whither Christie – Monday’s Roundup

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Stockton Coffee
Stockton University has put out a call for proposals from “national and regional” coffee chains to open a coffee shop right on Atlantic City’s boardwalk in its future residential campus. The store must be ready to serve the 533 students who will take up residence in August 2018. Also, the store will have to contribute a portion of its revenue toward the Stockton site’s tax bill, so if it becomes a thriving business (and it’s hard not to see it being a winner) it is good news all-round for the city. Story from Route 40 here.

Online Gaming
If you’re interested in Atlantic City’s casino industry, NJ 101.5 has an interesting writeup on a recent research report that concludes that online gaming is actually helping draw more people into the real casinos in Atlantic City. That is because some of the casinos – such as Caesars and Resorts – that have online licenses are giving out real-world rewards to online gamers that can be used in their brick-and-mortar casinos on the boardwalk and in the marina, according to the report. The problem is that online gaming, while growing, is still a small market in New Jersey.

Whither Christie
There was a New York Post report yesterday that Gov. Christie would take a White House job. Then Politico said that was “absolutely not true”, citing a Christie aide. Should you even care at this point? After all, it’s not long until local elections and the end of Christie’s term, plus the biggest possible impact state politics could have on our area has already happened in the form of a state takeover of Atlantic City. But imagine a scenario in which Christie gets another gig before the end of his term and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno comes into office. We tried to figure out what Guadagno thinks about the takeover but it seems like she’s not publicly opposed it – yet?

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The rest of today’s and the weekend’s headlines include the news that property tax appeals are declining in New Jersey, there were fatal stabbings and shootings in Atlantic City (where the state wants to cut police and fire headcount…), plus details on an upcoming inter-faith substance-abuse symposium and a feature looking at reaction to the proposed Pinelands gas pipeline. All that and more below:

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