Storm-Water Runoff, Transportation, Drones’ Silicone Valley – Monday’s Roundup

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Storm-Water Runoff
There’s no sexier way to start your Monday than contemplating storm-water runoff… It’s important, since some of the flooding on Absecon Island (and also offshore) is related to bad drainage and too much concrete. Cities such as New York, which benefit from having lots of rich people and well-funded non-profits alongside their flooding problem, have been developing inventive and decorative ways to deal with storm-water runoff (basically, planting shrubberies or ‘rain gardens’ to help drain flood water). Why can’t we copy them? Some cities in northern New Jersey are already trying to, and the Department of Environmental Protection just announced $10.4 million in funding for such projects. NJ Spotlight has details on the funding and some floodwater schemes that are already operating.

News alert: Trees are blossoming! Picture via @graveyardghosts on Instagram.

From that exciting start to today’s roundup we will pivot to transportation, another topic sure to get you going… New Jersey will spend $400 million more on transportation projects thanks to the latest budget, and you probably could have guessed that most of that money will be spent in the top half of the state. Down here, though, there will be some money spent on studying the environmental impact of extending the Camden-Glassboro line, which potentially brings that pipe dream of local planners one step closer to reality. Read more here via Townsquare.

Drones’ Silicon Valley
Newsworks takes a deep dive into the world of commercial drones and New Jersey’s efforts to promote this hi-tech industry. The piece focuses on projects at Cape May County Airport but it also draws in the FAA’s William J. Hughes Tech Center in Atlantic County, which is key to efforts by officials here to help add well-paid jobs to the local economy.

The rest of the headlines from the weekend and this morning include NJ Spotlight’s look at the governor’s idea for using lottery money to bail out the state pension plan, I know you’re pretending you don’t care, but just in case, Jon Gosselin didn’t actually strip in AC this weekend, and we’re all really excited about the new ARTeriors project in Atlantic City (we’ll have more on this later in the week). All that and more below:

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