Superstorm Sandy Steroids, Coastal Commission – Wednesday’s Roundup

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We had a fantastic time last night hanging with the Bungalow Park neighborhood posse for our Voting Block political potluck (we’ll be sharing that conversation soon). If you fancy gathering your neighbors and friends to talk NJ political issues over food and drink, find out here how you can host your own political potluck.

Superstorm Sandy Steroids
“Up and down the New Jersey coastline, houses have gotten bigger, taller and, with few exceptions, pricier since Sandy pummeled the Shore on Oct. 29, 2012. Year-round ownership continues to decline as buyers snap up second homes, undeterred by the possibility of another devastating storm.” How Hurricane Sandy Became Steroids For Jersey Shore Development by Julia Terruso for The Inquirer.

“The pine barren gentian (Gentiana autumnalis) is a beautiful late blooming wildflower, but unfortunately it is very rare in New Jersey. This one is part of a population along a sandy road in the Franklin Parker Preserve.” – photo and details via Lindsay and Tim Ifill of Wild Roots NJ.

Coastal Commision
Could New Jersey dust off a decades-old blue print for a coastal commission to help plan for rising sea levels? This idea was part of a discussion yesterday at awide-ranging conference on the Shore of the Future at the War Memorial in Trenton. NJSpotlight has the details here. “What’s really quite clear is the issues are far too big, far outstrip the ability of one or even a group of municipalities to handle. The state needs to step up,” David Kutner, planning manager for New Jersey Future, told NJSpotlight. “It is a role New Jersey has been absent from — I daresay — for the past eight years.”

In the rest of the day’s news, Amazing Ventnor’s Puerto Rico benefit raised almost $15,000 (and there’s still time to contribute), Jon Bon Jovi played an intimate set at Resorts in AC last night for his friend Phil Murphy, the man convicted in a fatal crash that killed a Mainland High School teen was sentenced to 10 years in prison, casino tax settlements have earned Atlantic City a slight upgrade of its debt to a better standard of junk, the cold front means it’s a good time to see migrating birds in South Jersey, NJSpotlight looks at what it costs to win an election in New Jersey, CRDA yesterday approved a 2018 budget that will reduce its spending, New Jersey yurts are going the way of the dodo and if you’re in search of a long read today try “When did the Jersey Devil get so lame?” All that and more below:

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