Teacher Layoffs, PILOT, Brown’s Park – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Teacher Layoffs
Here’s a look via NJ.com at the school districts that are likely to lay off staff next year – none are in Atlantic County, but some of South Jersey’s bigger districts are featured. If you’re interested, you might want to revisit our interactive map that showed how immigration is propping up school enrollment in New Jersey, as the wider population exodus from the state continues.

Atlantic City sunset via @acsnapshots on Instagram.

Tea Party-affiliated activist group Liberty & Prosperity is suing New Jersey over its PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreements with Atlantic City casinos and other big businesses. Lawyer Seth Grossman, who leads the group, likes to call the PILOT peanuts in lieu of taxes. He says the arrangement helps the casinos avoid tax increases in the future, putting the burden on homeowners and small businesses around the county.  Superior Court Judge Julio Mendez will hear arguments in July, the Press of Atlantic City reports.

Brown’s Park
“This is literally the greatest thing I’ve seen in Atlantic City in my lifetime,” Ricardo Belgrave, an Atlantic City elementary school teacher, said about the face lift recently given to Brown’s Memorial Park near his home. The park had become synonymous with the worst of Atlantic City’s crime and poverty. The recent revitalization came about thanks to the vision of Councilman Kaleem Shabazz, the skill and determination of former planning director Elizabeth Terenik and the financial support of ACDevCo. Read more via The Philadelphia Inquirer.

After Memorial Day, read about a 93-year-old veteran who recently received a quilt of valor and piloted a flight over Atlantic City – within the last year. It’s a Kevin Riordan piece for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

PSA: Little Water Distillery in Atlantic City opened its cigar patio this weekend. It looks great (hello, outdoor fun) even for those of us who have less than zero interest in cigars. Take a look.

In the rest of the news from the long weekend and this morning, read this amazing feature (written by another soon-to-depart Press reporter) on Atlantic City’s first woman police officer (from 1923), the latest look at the endangered red knot‘s migration to the Delaware Bay beaches, and will any of the gubernatorial hopeful’s transportation spending plans mean investment in South Jersey? All that and more below.

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