The Lead Goose, Little Egg Boating Worries and Parkway Construction – Wednesday’s Roundup

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The Lead Goose
Apparently Wawa has an employee known as the lead goose (aka CEO) and he’s an alumnus of St. Augustine Prep. Vineland native Chris Gheysens went back to his alma mater to spread the word of the goose and The Press has this story on his talk. There are some details in the piece that are kind of telling on the state of retail in the 21st Century: Wawa KNOWS you spend an average of 3 minutes and 46 seconds in its stores. They are on a MISSION to REDUCE that TIME. It will be interesting to see what happens when competition to Wawa moves in, since the Royal Farms chain that is also expanding in South Jersey offers seating.

Little Egg Boating Worries
The U.S. Coast Guard has pulled six of its seven navigational aides from the Little Egg Inlet, because of more sandbars and shallows in the popular boating stretch that are making it too dangerous for boaters. The Coast guard said that leaving the buoys in place would be like having road signs pointing the wrong way. The Philadelphia Inquirer has the story here.

Instagram user @a_loving found this barn while driving along South Jersey’s backroads.

Parkway Construction
One of Bill’s pet peeves is reduced speed limits in construction zones on the Garden State Parkway, where half the drivers on the road are still speeding above the regular speed limit. Anyway, for those of us stuck between exits 36 and exits 38, the end of the cones is – almost- insight, according to Cat Country 107.3. If we’re all lucky, it will be over by the end of this year. And at the latest, it is scheduled to be completed by early 2018.

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In the rest of the news from the last 24 hours, Cape May County jail staff are enrolling in ICE’s new program to detect and deport undocumented immigrants, the cuts to the Atlantic City Fire department got a 20-day Hail-Mary stay and Monopoly will become a musical.

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