The Walk, Dunes, Beer Garden – Thursday’s Roundup

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The Walk
Occupancy at Atlantic City’s The Walk outlet center has fallen to its lowest level under current ownership by Tanger Outlets, amid a wider rash of retail closures and a locally still-slow economy. Tanger’s Chief Executive last week said he hopes the Atlantic City store vacancies will soon be filled – read more via Route 40.

Margate and the Army Corps of Engineers were in court yesterday to testify on the ponding effect created by new dunes constructed earlier this year, reported Amy Rosenberg for The Philadelphia Inquirer. The lawyer for the Army Corps said he would “ask for suggestions” when the judge questioned him as to what could be done now to improve the problem. Margate officials – including members of the beach patrol – testified that the water accumulating between the dunes and the bulkhead was three feet deep in places and a public safety hazard since it was out of sight of lifeguards. Judge Renee Marie Bumb did not say when she would issue an opinion. The temporary stoppage of the dune construction work ends on Friday.

Beer Garden
Remember earlier this summer when everyone was excited about the new beer garden that was going to be built on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City? Well, it’s been kind of quiet since the plans were approved in May, but on Wednesday we found workers at the site. Read more via Route 40.

In the rest of the morning’s headlines, Atlantic City Council last night pulled its vote on appointing a redeveloper to Gardner’s Basin after members of the public and some councilmen raised concerns, read this feature on Atlantic City’s policing success, Gov. Christie signed a package of four bills that will help towns and counties protect farmland, and read (and watch) the story of the South Jersey sites that were once the last line of defense against a Soviet missile attack. All that and more below:

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