Who Are You Calling a Contractor? – Tuesday’s Roundup

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We’re back. Kind of. We’re having a discussion in the office about whether the Roundup should be daily or weekly. Want to throw in your two cents? Email us.

The EDA Files

George Norcross has lawyered up – or his company, Conner Strong & Buckelew has – to tell us all that the task force investigating recent EDA credits and grants (many of which went to Norcross-related companies) was “unlawfully constituted” the Inquirer reports. NJ Spotlight reports the lawyers also say the process is “tainted” and political retribution. Meanwhile, top Camden County Democrats said the chair of the taskforce should resign, the Courier Post writes.

Camden is getting a lot of attention, but remember that time the EDA cut a sweet deal for Curtis Bashaw to help him restructure his EDA loans, with no collateral and in return for just his word?

Let’s Talk Incentives

CRDA vice chair Richard Tolson says construction workers being misclassified as contractors is abuse. “The gross, widespread and often crippling injustices imposed on working men and women in the construction industry in our state measure up as significant abuse and perpetuate structural inequality,” he writes in an Op-Ed for the Spotlight. Tolson is well-placed to discuss inequality because he took home compensation of $179,020 as union president last year and his union charges $21 dues a month and $500 ($500!) in initiation fees, which added up to total dues and fee revenue of $4.3 million in 2018. We’d be lying if we said none of that money went on golf. See those details here.


A report based on a 2017 survey of New Jersey pharmacies found those wealthier cities were more likely to stock naloxone (Narcan) than those in poorer cities such as Atlantic City. The researchers also found that pharmacies in smaller towns were more likely than pharmacies in densely populated cities to stock the opioid overdose antidote meds. Read more via The Inquirer.

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