3rd District Shenanigans, Doors, Liberty & Jersey Shore – Friday’s Roundup

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Happy Friday Campers, it’s snowing at Camelback and I wish I’d played hooky to take the kids skiing, but instead I’m refreshing the webcam every few minutes.

Hopefully spring gets here soon, for all our sakes.

In realer news: The New York Times profiled Andy Kim, the Democrat looking to unseat Tom MacArthur in the 3rd Congressional district. Meanwhile, MacArthur called Kim a cheater for owning a condo in D.C. and a few days ago, somebody suggested Kim was a communist.

Hard to tell what would hurt Kim more among the Pineys of Ocean County: actual evidence of a scandal or an endorsement from the New York Times.

Elsewhere in real estate, what the hell is it with these people and their doors?

Eradicating Polio is a Special Interest.
Veteran reporter Susan Livio wrote yesterday on Twitter, “I’ve been at the statehouse for a while now and I haven’t seen this kind of crowd at a committee hearing.” Why? Because an assembly bill would require parents who want their children to avoid getting vaccinations on religious grounds to have to submit a notarized letter. “You Democrats destroy America!” one of them allegedly yelled.

Elsewhere in religious liberty.

Elsewhere in maritime liberty, the new rules for fluke and sea bass were announced! Mel Taylor takes you on a ride with local fishermen Mike Shepherd, Noel Feliciano and Dave Showell to talk the upcoming season.

The PSE&G subsidy bill is still kicking

Lastly, beloved chronicler of New Jersey-ness Molly Fitzpatrick has written an oral history of the MTV show Jersey Shore. We know they’re not from New Jersey, but we’re stuck with each other and happy to have Molly Fitz to explain it, so we don’t have to watch.

For more feats of journalism from around your region, see below:

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