Police, Dancers and Sinatra v. Dino – Friday’s Roundup

Minority Officers
Joe Atmontavage reports on the lawsuit the Atlantic City Police union, PBA Local 24, filed to halt promotions of officers, which seems on the surface like an odd thing for a union to do, but the union is arguing the promotions would violate the Municipal Stabilization and Recovery Act (aka the state takeover) and don’t follow the Civil Service Act (if I read that right). In May, when eight Caucasian officers were promoted as captains and deputy chiefs, the union did not object to the process and wrote a letter affirming the “stance of the PBA is to remain neutral and not become involved in a matter which will ultimately pit member against member.” This time around there are 14 minority officers up for promotions. Also, apart from Chief Henry White, there are no minority officers above the rank of lieutenant. One of the minority candidates (if I’m reading this right) filed a motion saying the union’s turnaround is discriminatory.

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Adventures in Public-Private Partnerships – Thursday’s Roundup

$900 Million
The City of Atlantic City City Council met for the first time since the mayor’s house was raided by the FBI, and Amy Rosenberg reports, on twitter, that the Council President Marty Small (who lost a bet and had to wear a Cowboys blanket) met with developers on a $900 million non-casino project. https://twitter.com/amysrosenberg/status/1072993789957074945

Who remembers Glenn Straub’s Phoenix Project ($500 million) when he was going to bring “extreme sports,” super yachts, equestrian entertainment and a bunch of other weird sh*t to the Southeast Inlet or Bader Field? Something tells me the current dudes are more credible. Supermarket
In possibly related news, the City Council President Small said the governmental and administrative affairs committee, which he chairs, met with CRDA Monday to discuss a possible 2019 groundbreaking on a major supermarket! (Video here: 17:30 mark)

Close readers of this space will recall that Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver, in an interview with ROI-NJ last week, said Atlantic City residents are “yearning” for a suburban-style super-center supermarket or something, since we lack the “diversity” of produce available in Somers Point or Absecon or something.

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Tending the Organ

Last Monday Nathan Bryson, who is the Curator of Organs at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, was surveying a damaged section of the 85-year-old pipe organ in the main auditorium when he noticed an object at the bottom of one of the pipes, Major Diapason, Pedal Left division.
The Major Diapason is one of the more powerful ranks (I’m told they’re called) in what is almost certainly the largest pipe organ—and arguably the loudest musical instrument—in the world.

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Sick Time, Supermarkets, ICE + Immigrants – Friday’s Roundup

Josh Vadell is one of ten Atlantic City Police officers suing over breach of contract after they were not paid for unused sick time.

The state capped payouts for unused time at $15,000, arguing, if I remember correctly, it had the right under the Municipal Stabilization and Recovery Act if doing so would assist in the stabilization and recovery of Atlantic City.

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Mayor Gilliam, Snow, Mystery Christmas Tree – Wednesday’s Roundup

Lynda Cohen has a story on Frank Gilliam’s latest travails, and it involves an interview with Craig Callaway, which makes it extra-worth reading. Also there’s an interview with Nicky Scarfo’s old lawyer, which also makes it extra-worth your time. Moral of the story seems to be: The Mayor’s in some genuine sh*t and that sh*t is speeding fanward rapidly.

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Mayor Fight V: This Time it’s Federal – Monday’s Roundup

Amy Rosenberg reports on Twitter that Federal Agents are unloading boxes at Mayor Gilliam’s house. Presumably they don’t contain Girl Scout cookies. Lynda Cohen says the ACPD are on the scene too (for crowd control purposes). Ted Greenberg says special agents for the IRS are there.

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