New Jerseyish Doings Right Here on Albany Avenue and More in Monday’s Roundup

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New Jerseyish
A week ago ROI-NJ reported that Melissa Orsen, the chief executive of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, had resigned and was expected to be named general counsel for South Jersey Industries, whose headquarters are moving right here to Albany Avenue (aka Route 40!). Today Politico follows up with the fun addendum that SJI subsidiary South Jersey Gas was awarded $12.6 million to move from Folsom to A.C. in August 2015, a few months after she became EDA chief.

Everyone sees that looks weird, right?

Apathy is the disease. Corruption is the symptom. Maybe journalism is part of the problem. Support your local newshounds.

Atlantic City’s Caspian Ave beach, via @emlynhughes6 on Instagram.

The longtime chair of the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival, Lynn Giamalis, has died shortly after being diagnosed with acute leukemia, the Pine Barrens Tribune reports.

“She asked the doctor if she could wait until after the festival to begin treatment.”

Sports Betting
The US Supreme Court hears arguments December 4 on legal sports betting in New Jersey. How will they rule and what will it mean for you?

Water is Life
A water-quality group is set to consider recommending new limits on perfluorooctane sulfonate, a chemical “linked to cancer, developmental problems, and changes to the human immune system,” NJ Spotlight reports.

Scared Straight
Tony Bell was looking forward to his mom’s mac and cheese. But Juju the pitbull was too, apparently. Result: Kitchen disaster!

But the video of the trip to the shelter to put some sense in Juju had some hilarious moments, Lynda Cohen reports. There were 4 million views as of this a.m.

Elsewhere in South Jersey, a bill that would ban getting sh*t-hammered and flying your drone is moving through the state senate and the Philly Inquirer has a fun profile of Harold “Skeets” Heritage founder of Heritage Dairy Stores. (During the Depression, Skeets “started a dairy business with only one cow that had a broken leg.”) All that and more:

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