October 18, 2016

A Notorious South Jersey Mountain Lion and Trump? Who’s He? Just Show Me The Money

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In news from the paranormal school of clickbait, Philly Voice reported on a Mountain Lion possibly roaming through South Jersey (wait – you didn’t realize you were living in a mountainous snowy wonderland? Us neither). There was “trail camera” footage, a genre familiar to everyone who’s ever googled ‘Jersey Devil’ or ‘Big Foot’, and Winslow Township police were on the case. Spoiler alert – the story was later updated and the party poopers at the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife snuffed out the wannabe viral image. ‘Tis the season, folks.

In totally non-viral news, your congressman Frank LoBiondo of NJ’s second district has been a money-making machine during this campaign season, in spite of his abrupt u-turn to jettison his support from The Donald’s ship after it appeared to start sinking the other week. NJ Spotlight has the details of how LoBiondo’s $1.3 million cash pile is outstripping his democractic rival David Cole by more than it costs to run an Atlantic City casino these days.

Hey, it’s 72 degrees today – get outside already! Tomorrow’s going to be an October scorcher in the 80s.

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Record fundraising numbers and millions of dollars in outside spending are shaking up House races across New Jersey this election season, although not apparently in the 2nd district. Democratic hopeful David Cole has raised $74,865 since January 2015, but that’s nowhere near the $1.3 million Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo has amassed in the same time.


Press of Atlantic City

Press of Atlantic City

Press of Atlantic City

Officials in this gasping seaside city are fending off a state directive that it raise taxes to help plug a gaping budget deficit and reduce its dependence on state aid.


"We're not," Chris Filiciello, the chief of staff to Mayor Don Guardian, said Monday and the mayor issued a lengthy letter detailing all the other efforts the city is making to trim costs rather than raise taxes.


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