November 22, 2017

A Turkey for Carl and More in Today’s Roundup

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Ivy League Snowflake Gets Free Stuff
Noted Princeton alumnus Carl Icahn, who’s worth an estimated $16.4 billion and probably recently abused his position as adviser to the president to manipulate futures markets, was given preliminary approval from the CRDA for $5.6 million to pay for the demolition of the Trump Plaza, the indefatigable Wayne Parry of the AP reports.

CRDA Chairman Bob Mulcahy supported the holiday turkey for the billionaire, reportedly saying, “That land could be very valuable.” They love their vacant lots.

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, who naturally has far-less say in the matter than Mulcahy, was opposed to the handout. “…[W]hy are they asking us for $5.6 million? You’re already responsible for the project closing and the loss of jobs and the suffering the city has gone through.”

Historically, eminent domain has been used as a weapon tool all across Atlantic City, calling to mind in some readers a policy that helps communities deal with big, blighted buildings that are “in the way” of future progress.

“I’m not a land-use attorney,” someone over on Twitter said, “but I could argue the proliferation of casinos in AC is divergent to the health and wellness of community.” What about moldering former casinos?

“He’s just a land banker with [the] audacity to ask city to pay for site work,” this person said of Icahn. Which just about sums it up.

Consider the Cranberry
NJ Spotlight urges you to give thought this holiday season to the humble cranberry and its long significance to the people of the Garden State.

A bill to make October “Cranberry Harvest Month” was introduced in the state legislature in 2016.

It died in committee not long after (wah wah wah).

But it remains a “gold mine–or should that be a bog full–” of facts, the Spotlight reports. And indeed it does.

Does it Matter that They’re Men?
A New Jersey police chief who’s been accused of sexually harassing five (male) officers is still on the job, months after the accusations surfaced, reports.

“They’re only allegations,” Haddon Township Mayor Randy Teague said a while back.

Accused Chief Mark Cavallo is also president of the Haddon Township School Board where they have “not received any complaints about him,” supposedly.

Cavallo, the Howler notes, is a one-man argument for municipal consolidation.

Gobble Gobble
“Mighty” Dave Weinberg of the Press of AC has an extra-fun teaser on local Thanksgiving football traditions. Did you know the St. Joe’s football field is named after a guy who “literally gave his life” for the St. Joe’s-Hammonton rivalry? I know now thanks to Weinberg’s column.

Dry Town-Drunk Town
The Question Lede of the Day also comes from the Press of AC, which asks: “What South Jersey city is the state’s drunkest?”

The source for this alleged ranking, it should be noted, is 24/7 Wall St., which in 2015 ranked Brigantine #6 on its list of “American Ghost Towns” ahead of Flint, Michigan. Do with that data what you will.

Route 40 Originals
Route 40’s very own Elinor Comlay reports that the county budget for drug treatment and recovery will go up in 2018 as more federal funding kicks in. Some of the budget will go toward creating a network of recovery mentors.

Elinor also has the latest on a luxury condo project in Chelsea that’s in foreclosure.

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