Al Fresco Cocktails! Hope Creek Hunting Cabins! And What in the Hell is Going on Out There? – Friday’s Roundup!

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Boys Club
Who among us hasn’t peed on himself while driving drunk, then been permitted to retire from his job as fire chief, then been allowed to collect “$671.86 per day for 241.5 unused sick days” he’d accumulated over the years? Also, did Rahway have a fire chief and a fire director, and were they both William Young?

This is why we need a universal basic income and a big padded room to store our lost males in. We could refit the Echelon Mall!

Elsewhere in What-the-Hell’s-Going-On-Out-There: You may have heard it’s surprisingly hard to fire schoolteachers who have an established history of abuse or sexual misconduct toward children. But a bill that would at least require schools, etc., to review the employment histories of prospective employees before they hired them passed the state legislature. It goes to Phil Murphy’s desk. Yay journalism.

We’ve been following the saga of illegal cabins on Hope Creek in Lower Alloways, and Bill Gallo has an optimistic update. “I have renewed faith in our Legislature as well as the elected and appointed officials not only in Trenton, but here in Salem County,” is a sentence from that story.

The City Council of Atlantic City (we’re still working on the style guide) voted in favor of allowing adult beverages to be consumed in open containers in certain parts of the Tourism District.

They have no authority, but it’s still nice to see the community rally in support of al fresco cocktail hour.

Matt Szczur was on the Padres opening-day roster yesterday. He scored a run without even getting a hit! He’s amazing.

Elsewhere in feats of journalism from across your region:

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