Ashes and Hope – Thursday’s Roundup

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ICE Guidance
The state AG Gurbir Grewal is going to issue new guidance for ICE detainers, replacing the old directive from 2007.

This sounds a little esoteric, but this guidance spells out how local/regional law enforcement should ask questions about immigration status and how they should handle requests from the federal level. It also deals with local officers who are deputized to do immigration stuff, which happens in Cape May and Salem Counties.

The current directive is a) eleven years old and a lot has changed since then (!) and b) it was vague in the first place and gave police too much decision-making authority/responsibility, advocates say. This should tidy things up. The hope is this will make things more transparent, etc.

Gas HQ
They held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new South Jersey Gas headquarters at the top of their Tessier-Ashpool space spindle above Atlantic Avenue Wednesday, and many important people were in attendance. Also in attendance: Some of your elected officials, including Governor Phil Murphy and Mayor Frank Gilliam.

Stockton President Harvey Kesselman made a speech and said the Gateway Project or whatever represented “hope in ashes.”

Do Atlantic City and its 40,000 residents represent the “ashes” in this scenario? I can’t be sure. But the whole thing sounds a little ominous.

Flood Maps
Anyway, before you go investing in the urban core, check this handy map from Climate Central, a scientifical organization that “tracks climate impacts, and the real estate marketplace Zillow” to see if your investment will still be above water in 2050! (h/t Jim Kennedy)

Coach Surace
Millville’s own Bob Surace, son of the legendary Tony Surace, has the Princeton U. football team at 9-0, ranked number 11 in the country in the FCS.

This isn’t a story or anything, but it seems kind of noteworthy and fun. Anyway, Princeton plays Penn in the season finale this Saturday in Princeton, which might be in New Jersey but might also be up there in high-earth orbit with the Tessier-Ashpool clan.

[Editor’s note: The Roundup will not be publishing for the next week as we make a journey back to our roots. Have a blessed weekend, etc.]

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