Atlantic City Women, Underground Railroad – Friday’s Roundup

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Atlantic City Women
Read this great piece by the Inquirer’s Amy Rosenberg on the women-led effort to force a referendum if the state tries to sell or lease Atlantic City’s water authority. We’ve written about this before and it might seem like just an Atlantic City issue, but as more municipalities in South Jersey (remember Buena?) struggle to pay their bills, more public assets are going to be put up for sale and more public services will be cut. And taxpayers should be able to have a say in that process.

Under the Trump Plaza, via @nic.armani on Instagram.

Underground Railroad
New Jersey has a strange relationship with its own history (shameless plug here for our own Bill Sprouse’s book on the history and suburbanization of the Jersey Devil) but once you scratch the surface, this area in particular is thick with it. The Philadelphia Inquirer has a look at a campaign to save a Burlington County property that was once a stop on the Underground Railroad. The building – an old church – is one of the 10 most-endangered spots on a New Jersey preservation list compiled this year. There are two others in South Jersey.

In the rest of the day’s news, a recovery is underway after two teens disappeared while swimming from an Atlantic City beach last night, there’s a hearing at 3 pm today regarding the possible recount of votes for the Atlantic City Democratic Mayoral primary, read about the slow down to get around campaign to protect utility workers, and the new school funding plan will have winners and losers in South Jersey. All that and more below:

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