Buena’s Problem, The Other Ventnor – Thursday’s Roundup

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Buena’s Problem
Buena is in the Pine Barrens, about as far on the other side of Atlantic County as it’s possible to get from our fading Queen of Resorts. Yet it is suffering a similar financial crisis. Mayor Dave Zappariello put it this way: “It is a dire picture,” said Zappariello. “Buena Borough does not have a spending problem. We have a revenue problem. There are not enough commercial ratables that can ease the burden of the residential tax.” Sound familiar? The comments were made last night at a public meeting, attended by representatives of Vineland and Franklin Township, who could help Buena save some cash by entering a shared services agreement for policing. The problem is, just like Atlantic City, how does this help fix the revenue problem? It’s interesting to note that Buena also recently raided its water authority for some cash to shore up its finances… What happens down the line when the population is still shrinking, there’s an increasing revenue problem, and even fewer opportunities to reduce spending? Although some costs will fall in tandem with the population declining, the debt load that is weighing on municipalities from Atlantic City to Buena will still need servicing. Read more about Buena’s policing plan at NJ.com.

Tuckahoe sunset, by @timmcglynn on Instagram

The Other Ventnor
Route 40 is based in Ventnor, New Jersey. Half of Route 40 (Elinor – hi!) grew up just across the water from the original Ventnor on the Isle of Wight in England. If you’ve ever wanted to know what Ventnor, UK, looks like, take a look at our story. Now we just have to find out who was inspired – and why – to name Atlantic County’s Ventnor after the town on the Isle of Wight. Get in touch if you have some ideas.

In the rest of the news from the last 24 hours, read how Atlantic City native Don McGahn became embroiled in the Trump/Flynn controversy, an air-quality alert has been extended, and – wow – including financing, the total cost of the Trenton statehouse upgrades could come to almost $750 million. All that and more below:

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