Atlantic City’s Water, Policing and Traffic – MLK Day Roundup

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Atlantic City’s Water
Atlantic City’s water authority in May hired a well-known New Jersey-based financial advisor to help it craft a concession plan that could free up some cash for the debt-laden casino resort and stave off a state takeover. Just a few months later, the financial advisor abruptly abandoned its contract with the water authority to begin working with the New Jersey department that would eventually take over Atlantic City. What exactly happened, and what might the state’s insight into the water authority, gleaned through advisor Acacia Financial, mean for its future? Route 40 takes a look here.

Meanwhile, the city’s police will show up for work no matter what happens in talks with the state over cuts to the force or salaries and benefits, PBA president Matt Rogers said, responding to rumors of a strike. “We take our profession very seriously. We are offended that those who have any contact with us would think for a second we would jeopardize the safety of this city over a dispute over compensation or treatment from the state,” Rogers told Lynda Cohen at

The Philadelphia Inquirer takes a look into construction on a Garden State Parkway bridge between Atlantic and Cape May counties. Work on the bridge over the Great Egg Harbor Bay is likely to disrupt traffic for another two summers, the paper reports.

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The rest of the headlines from today and the weekend include a look at a Camden cancer-center gathering to push back against repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the death of Atlantic City and Philadelphia mob boss “little Nicky” Scarfo and the county’s foreclosure crisis.

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