Atlantic Club, LIVE NATION, Drug Tests – Monday’s Roundup

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We reported some news about the old Atlantic Club/old Hilton/old Golden Nugget/current hulking eyesore at the northwest end of the Boardwalk on Saturday. Specifically, we reported that documents were filed with the county clerk that show a notice of settlement between TJM (the current owner) and Jeffrey Smolinksy, the possible future owner.

An unnamed spokesman for TJM denied, to the Press of Atlantic City, that there’s any sale going on, but here’s a standard we subscribe to: if a PR person wants to comment on something, they can do it on the record or we’re under no obligation to take them seriously.

TJM Agrees To Sell Atlantic Club

Also, last time we reported on a notice of settlement that was pooh-poohed by the incumbent owner it was for the Revel, and, yes, it turned out the document was right. (Honestly, we’d forgotten it was called TEN at this point).

Straub’s Revel in Sights of Lessee TEN, Denver-Based Developer

Elsewhere in Casinos, Hard Rock President Joe Lupo opined the other day on the radio about CRDA and the giving of the $1.4 millions to Live Nation (sorry LIVE NATION) to bring Blink-182 to the beach this summer.

I don’t know much about Blink-182 except they were in that Fyre Festival documentary everyone’s talking about. Along with that Diplo fella, who was also in Atlantic City last month. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

Atlantic City Wasting $1.4 Million on Live Nation Warped Tour on Beach.

Drug Testing
The state police drug lab technician at the center of a scandal that called into question more than 7,000 drug cases is saying he did not falsify results and the whole thing was fabricated by superiors, “as he grappled with a mental illness for which he was actively seeking treatment,” as S.P. Sullivan puts it.

Kamalkant Shah, the tech, has filed a lawsuit alleging the case was improperly handled, he was harassed in the workplace and was pressured to retire before being accused of misconduct.

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