Audits! Nepotism! And the Very Classy ‘RolePlay Lounge’ – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Let Us Now Praise Transparent Men
Gov.-elect Phil Murphy has asked members of his transition team to sign a non-disclosure agreement and promise not to speak to the press. Also they can’t talk about the agreement itself, Politico reports. Also, he worked for Goldman Sachs. Seems like a great start!

$600 Million
The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services said New Jersey received $300.5 million in “school-based” Medicaid services that were not allowed, the valuable NJ Spotlight reports. The state also claimed another $306.2 million the feds want to review, according to the HHS audit. New Jersey’s Dept. of Human Services challenged the findings, which it says were premature, among other things.

Read Lilo Stanton’s story.

Kevin H.

The eastbound SRNJ freight service heading through Hammonton. Photo by Kevin H (@khustarelli on Instagram).

Speaking of audits, the state auditor was supposed to publish its review of everyone’s favorite local agency–the CRDA–in the summer (before the election) but it still hasn’t (after the election). Check back tomorrow for our in-the-works update on that story!

And read Route 40’s original coverage from back in May here. Pretty please.

Family Loses Home
Lynda Cohen of BreakingAC has details on a fire in Pleasantville that displaced a family of three who lost their home. The family cat hid under the bed and was rescued by firefighters.

Johnson & Johnson
Sarah Beth Johnson, the wife of outgoing Senator Colin Bell, has been nominated for the Superior Court in Atlantic County. “State senators are given the courtesy of recommending judges in their own districts,” the Press of AC’s John DeRosier reports.

The county Republican Chairman said the move “stinks of nepotism” which I think is not the same as saying it is nepotism. Maybe more sniffing is required.

The Press also notes Johnson’s name was put forth as a potential candidate in June 2016 when Whelan was still senator.

Johnson is also the daughter of Judge Nelson Johnson who wrote that book about Steve Buscemi.

New Jersey strip clubs have been “brazenly and repeatedly” using photos of international glamour models in their advertising, without the permission of those models, according to a series of recent lawsuits,’s Rebecca Everett reports. One club named in the suit is an “erotic couples playground” in Atlantic City that’s currently looking for a new location. Willikers.

‘Holidays are not the Same’
Nicole Leonard at the Press of AC has an emotional story on letting go of holiday traditions as our loved ones get older.

For all that and more of the news that’s fit to print, see our Route 40 Roundup:



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