October 24, 2016

Aviation > Gambling and Talking Trump In District 2

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The stars seem to be aligning around here, meaning that a whole lot of people with deep pockets as well as some politicians have agreed on something: Atlantic County needs jobs and maybe aviation and technology could be a better bet (sorry) than the casino industry. Leaving aside the fact that it would be hard to do much worse than being a gambling economy centered around closing casinos, aeronautics really does sound like a great future for our youth of today. The Press of Atlantic City looked at this issue last week and New Jersey 101.5 has the details today of a New York-based college that focuses on aeronautics and technology and could open a branch at the Atlantic City International Airport.

Every time I read about District 2, I think of the Hunger Games. But democratic hopeful David Cole seems to be thinking of how to beat his big-spending incumbent rival Frank LoBiondo. Cole has raised less than 10 percent of LoBiondo’s massive cash pile, but he’s not shying away from reminding the republican repeatedly of the times he took contributions from Trump. NJ Spotlight takes a look at how Cole is trying to hammer home LoBiondo’s connection to Trump in a geographic area (district 2) where we’re not exactly (yet) sending our young off to a fight to the death, but where things maybe don’t seem a whole lot brighter if you’re a casino worker or a contractor who was once duped by Trump.

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