October 25, 2016

Winter Weather Guessing, Who’s Paying For What and Kindergarten – Tuesday’s Roundup

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The local weather institution that is Dan Skeldon has a piece that (SPOILER!) won’t surprise you by accurately predicting, day-by-day, the winter weather, but you’ll want to read it anyway just so can talk about the weather in an informed kind of way with friends, relations and Wawa cashiers. Skeldon says that other forecasters believe it will be an ‘average’ winter and that maybe the warm ocean temperature could cause more coastal storms and coastal flooding.

The No North Jersey Casinos coalition is holding a rally on Thursday – on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Right now, SNJ Today says polls show that 70 percent of voters are against the idea of gaming in the north of the state. And most people you speak to in AC think it’s just another way to kick South Jersey while it’s down. So what’s the point of campaigning to persuade people who are apparently already persuaded? The coalition’s response is they need to stop this issue from coming back on another ballot in the future. But the campaign is spending a lot of people’s money, and as we get closer to an election day and polls consistently show North Jersey casinos are a no-go, we’re really interested in following up on who is paying what and for what here. Stay tuned to this space and get in touch with us if you have thoughts on this topic.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bay, Egg Harbor Township is reviving efforts to offer full-day kindergarten. It blows many peoples’ minds (well, those with kids) that EHT only has half-day kindergarten, but it does (along with Linwood) and it’s also important for house prices and generally the feasibility of attracting qualified and educated workers to an area, which is a recurring theme around here. So if you’re interested in supporting the proposal, you can go to a public meeting on 6pm Thursday at Slaybaugh school.

Here’s the rest of what we’re reading today:

The tireless Kevin Riordan writes, “When the Garden State hikes its gas tax 23 cents a gallon next Tuesday, a tradition I've cherished during 40 years of working and living in South Jersey will be no more. I'll no longer be able to casually take note of pump prices in other jurisdictions, Pennsylvania in particular, and feel effortlessly blessed.”


Atlantic City, New Jersey's cash-strapped casino hub, will slash at least 100 jobs, or about 10 percent of its staff, but does not plan to raise taxes in a five-year fiscal recovery plan aimed at avoiding a state takeover, according to a presentation by city advisers on Monday. The city also plans to sell a defunct airstrip to its water authority for $110 million to fill a budget hole and meet terms of a $73 million emergency loan issued by the state earlier this year.


 Hammonton High School Marching Band triumphed at USBands State Championships at Rowan University on Sunday, October 23rd, with a first-place win over 11 other bands in their division. Under the leadership of their band director, Tim White, the band performed a popular 2016 show, entitled “The Man in a Blue Box,” featuring music from the T.V. show “Doctor Who.”


After receiving unanimous approval from both the State Senate and Assembly, a bill to promote New Jersey’s aquaculture is on its way to the governor’s desk. Aquaculture – fish or shellfish farming and the breeding and harvesting of animals and plants in water environments – is important business for South Jersey.


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