Bail Maps! Prosecutorial Panache! And a Trump Appointee Gives Lessons on ‘Civility’ – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Prosecutorial Panache 
Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner, who’s demonstrated a real flair for this kind of thing in a short time, announced that an employee of the Atlantic County Office of the Superintendent of Elections is under criminal investigation, though the prosecutor didn’t say which employee or what he/she/it’s under investigation for.

Tyner also released more/all the body-cam footage from the Dr. James Kauffman arrest. You can check out the whole thing on the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office blog-type thing.

Blogging! It’s not just for wannabe Journalists like me anymore.

Bail Maps
The valuable NJ Spotlight has another interactive map, this one on the percentage of criminal defendants in New Jersey who are held without bail, county-by-county, and I could be wrong but it looks like Atlantic County is the big winner with 34.4% of defendants detained pending trial. This is interesting because bail reform was supposed to take the bias against the poor out of the system, but a year after it was enacted, concerns linger that whether or not you get detained, “depends more on what part of the state is handling the case.”

They’re Probably Wrong
Moody’s, the ratings agency that did not forestall the financial crisis (God that was ten years ago? Feels like it never ended!), said the recent GOP tax scam reforms could “result in the average value of a New Jersey home dropping by 7.5%” which shouldn’t it be “average value of a home’s dropping by 7.5%?” I was taught to use the possessive with a gerund at Our Lady Star of the Sea. Those nuns didn’t mess around.

Anyway. Something else jumped out from this report by James Nash at The outgoing Christie administration touted an 8.7% increase in certain tax revenue, but the Moody’s report pins that “surge” to a “2008 federal law that gave hedge fund managers a Dec. 31 deadline to pay back offshore windfalls and another consequence of the law signed late last year: taxpayers moving up payments to get around changes in the federal tax code,” Nash writes. I think the hedgies do better under this most recent legislation.

Meanwhile, the 7.5% drop in the value of their homes will leave non-hedge-fund-type persons “with less wealth and disposable income, depressing retail sales” unless of course they live in someone else’s freezing-cold beach house, like I do.

Moody’s–that bastion of anti-capitalist sentiment–telling it like it is.

Gorsuch at Stockton 
Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch gave a talk at Stockton on civility and civics yesterday and this is another one of those times where you can’t tell if they really believe this stuff or you’re being gaslit.

Anyway. Gorsuch attended prep school in D.C. with Bill Hughes Jr., the son of Bill Hughes Sr., the former congressman, and the interview was sponsored by the Hughes Center, named after Hughes Sr.

See, they shooooled together, darling. It’s fabulous!

Women Hold Up Half the Sky: 2% Edition
Anyway. While the old boys were yucking it up at Stockton, the blogger formerly known as “Wally Edge” reported that New Jerseyans have elected 304 men and six women to the U.S. House of Representatives since we started electing people in the year 1180 A.D. That’s 98%.

New Jersey’s 3rd-Largest Employer
In small business news, Johnson & Johnson reported a fourth-quarter loss of $10.71 billion. Wait, what?

I’m Not Crying. You’re Crying. 
The great Dave O’Sullivan at GloryDays has a profile of Absegami High School senior Stanley Adams. I didn’t cry. Ok maybe I cried.




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