October 19, 2016

Beach Weather in October

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It’s hot outside. I don’t know how hot exactly. The internet says 79°F. But there are people on the beach, in Atlantic City, in October!

Here are two of them, Bob and Debby Harris of Bushkill, Pa.

Bushkill’s in Pike County, more than three hours’ driving from here. The internet says it’s 79°F there today too, but they don’t have ocean breezes. 

The Harrises haven’t been to Atlantic City for years, since before gambling, but they were drawn here by the weather.

They seemed bummed by the changes that have taken place since the casinos took over. By “seemed bummed” I mean they described in some detail the feelings of sadness they experienced walking through the casino floor and seeing the depressing spectacle of elderly people connected to oxygen machines losing their money at the casinos.

Anyway, they didn’t come for the casinos. They came for the beach (they said). They’re looking for somewhere to eat dinner and are open to suggestions. This despite the fact that if you sit on the beach in front of Bally’s, you will hear the sweet sounds of Guy Fieri encouraging you serenadingly to try his BBQ roughly every 45 seconds as long as you’re within earshot.

The Harrises seemed in the market for someplace else.




One thought on “Beach Weather in October

  1. Cool…you pretty much nailed our conversation, especially our aversion to “ribs, Mac and cheese, and a cold beer” blared over…and over…and over…and…thanks for your dinner suggestions. Nice meeting you!