May 10, 2018

Boardwalkers Be Advised

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Our World Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk has grown longer by at least a few hundred feet in the last couple weeks (who’s counting?) but anyone contemplating a wander on foot to the end should be advised the Boardwalk currently dead-ends rather dramatically at around Grammercy Place, with no ramps, steps or exits back to Maine Avenue as of now.

To get back to street level, you have to turn around and walk back to Pacific Avenue (more than 1,000 feet by my unofficial reckoning) to find a ramp to get down to street level.

The issue was raised Tuesday morning at the Boardwalk Committee Meeting where residents pointed out they’d seen people climbing over the railing to get to Maine Avenue.

If you’re on a bike or otherwise mobile, that might not be a big deal but if you’re not so mobile, a two-thousand-plus foot detour is a bigger deal.

When I was there I saw a 72 year old man (his estimate) who had scaled the wall with his dog. He was walking with a cane. But he didn’t seem to mind.

Victor and Diana Fortkiewicz

I also met Victor and Diana Fortkiewicz, down from Bloomfield, who said the new boards were “beautiful” and “awesome.”

“We’re fine with where the walk ended, but we would have continued, had it continued.”

At Wednesday morning’s Boardwalk Committee meeting, Tom Lamaine said there’s no indication the Boardwalk is going to dead end. “All of a sudden a great beautiful wide new Boardwalk comes to a sudden stop and people go, ‘How do I get off?'”








2 thoughts on “Boardwalkers Be Advised

  1. You can literally see the walkway to continue to Gardner’s Basin, about 15feet away, all that is needed is a ramp diagonally to the walkway. It is almost humorous to see it end where it does, with no way to get off! Who could have approved this?

  2. I enjoy my email updates from Route 40. Yet, I sense there is a politically progressive view of the commentary (I am middle of the road on this myself.) Most progressives endorse more and bigger government. Here is excellent proof on how horrible big, unfettered, unchecked government gets into trouble. Where was/is the state, city officials that approved this incomplete project? What logic entered their and the designer’s heads when they constructed this incomplete finish to the end?

    And here’s the bonus question: How will they justify the unnecessary lawsuit when someone falls attempting to climb up or down that section when a person gets injured!?!? (answer: they cannot, and taxpaying citizens, like myself, will end up footing the bill, which is sad and disturbing.)

    Meanwhile, a newly completed sign project from Melrose Ave down Rhode Island to Gardner’s Basin posted “Bike Route” signs. And they are posted literally every 20 feet. What a waste of money. This city is a living parody of reality.