Boat Payouts, Skate Park Optimism – Friday’s Roundup

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Boat Payouts
If you’re at all interested in your property taxes, you should check out this amazing NJ Spotlight map from yesterday. The map looks at how much towns across New Jersey owe public workers for not taking their sick day entitlement. The amount was capped at $15,000 in 2010, but anyone hired before that is entitled to a payout that has become known as a ‘boat payout’. We all know that Atlantic City has a problem, but take a look at Brigantine and Margate on the map. Brigantine last year had to put aside $500,000 in reserves for its unused sick pay liability – and its employees have racked up a massive $5.1 million in owed payouts. Meanwhile, Margate currently is on the hook for $2.5 million in unused absence entitlements and it has only just started to set aside money for those payouts. There is some good news – since reading NJ Spotlight’s report yesterday: “A trio of Republican state senators asked the Democratic leaders of both houses to work with them to reform the system that has created a $1.9 billion tab for New Jersey public workers’ unused sick and vacation leaves.” Read more on that update here.

Skate Park Optimism
Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian yesterday met with Jason Klotz, one of the skaters who made the Atlantic City skate park happen, to talk about how they can rebuild it after it was demolished with no warning on Wednesday. The Mayor told us he believes it could reopen for the summer, with the line up of volunteers and funding that Klotz already has in place. Read more here. Also – if you haven’t already – just watch this Nub TV video about Jeremiah Watson who used the skate park. It is all that is great in Atlantic City (and the world) and no amount of CRDA marketing millions could pay for the feeling it will give you when you watch it.

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The rest of the headlines from the last 24 hours includes news that Atlantic City Electric wants to raise rates, the Brigantine Marine Mammal Stranding Center is caring for some seal pups and one has shark-bite wounds, and there’s a home elevation grant workshop in Ocean City tomorrow. All that and more below.

If you are feeling full of positive vibes after watching the Nub TV video of Jeremiah, here’s a way you can learn more about giving back to your community: Ventnor Coffee on Sunday is hosting a volunteer social, which will be a chance to learn from various non-profit groups how you can help out in your community. Details here.

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