Boxer’s Funeral, Takeover Announcements and More – Thursday’s Roundup

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The Press of AC has coverage of the funeral of boxer Qa’id Muhammad, who was murdered in Las Vegas.

“The city has produced two world boxing champions in Bruce Seldon and the late Leavander Johnson,” Dave Weinberg writes.

“Qa’id Muhammad was supposed to be next.”

It’s All Happening Here
Jim Johnson, Governor Murphy’s Special Counsel, is visiting Richmond Avenue school to release his report on how to end the takeover. The Press of AC’s David Danzis has the details. The governor was supposed to come too, but Danzis reports that he cancelled.

Meanwhile a few blocks away, Stockton is having its official grand-opening/ribbon-cutting ceremony, where Steve Sweeney will be speaking.

On the twitterbox, Jim Kennedy (whom you should be following) says Sweeney’s office confirmed he wouldn’t be at the previously-planned speech by the governor on Johnson’s report. “It doesn’t look like Sweeney is on board for an early state pull out.”

Policing the Police
The Asbury Park Press has an interesting investigation into how New Jersey is bad–maybe uniquely bad–at overseeing police officers who have been caught doing shady sh*t.

One state police sergeant responsible for testing the breathalyzer machines to make sure they were accurate was indicted, and eventually pled guilty, to falsifying documents claiming the machines had been tested, throwing into doubt “the validity of breath samples in more than 20,000 DWI cases involving machines certified by the sergeant.”

For more feats of journalism…

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