Bruce Springsteen Wanted $5 Million and I Don’t Know any Hipsters – Thursday’s Roundup

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Drinkers of the World, Rejoice
The number of wineries that will ship booze directly to your home could go up, substantially, under proposed legislation in the legislature. How did we not know about this in high school?

There are lots of fun details in Amy Rosenberg’s coverage of Bruce Deifik (owner of the old Revel) and his testimony before the Casino Control Commission, but my favorite is that Bruce Springsteen wanted $5 million to play a beach concert. Ha ha f*ck that guy.

Also Deifik was paying eccentric Glenn Straub $2 million a month for maintenance and “he has a claim against Straub for not using any of that $2 million to pay taxes to the city.” Wait, what? reports Deifik said he had handshake deals for a few “musical acts” (not my words) that ended up deciding, the next day, to go elsewhere for more money. However, will he cope without Pitbull and Ted Nugent?

Full disclosure: I do not know any Millennial Hipsters personally, but from what I glean of their conversations on public transport, they only come down here to consume casino musical acts ironically.

Rutgers-Eagleton did a poll that found 54% of respondents who were prescribed opioids couldn’t remember their doctor–or dentist–explaining the risk of addiction or overdose, which is astonishing when you consider how much more expensive OxyContin is, for instance, on the street than heroin. Which tells you what.

New Jersey’s overdose fatalities increased 33% year-over-year for the 12 months ended November 30, 2017, per new figures from the CDD. If that sounds like a big jump, it is. The only state with a bigger increase was Nebraska, where they had the lowest overall death rate to begin with.

All this was happening while Chris Christie was spending $42.6 million on his “Reach NJ” ad campaign that apparently wasn’t reaching enough doctors, who they probably could have reached with a $50 email blast in the first place. Springsteen should have a beach concert for the doctors, where Christie has to skulk in his beach chair, to raise awareness of the dangers posed by useless affluent moderates.

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